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            How do I update my profile?

            1. In the upper right, click on the avatar to see the menu options.
            2. Click on Profile to begin updating your user profile. 
            3. Personalizing your profile will improve the customization of content recommended to you on the site. 
            4. When you are done updating each field, click on the Update button at the bottom of the page.

            Your profile includes the following areas:
            Avatar – click on the image for your profile to choose a customized image.
            Membership Type
            Expiration Date of membership
            Update Email – click on Change to the right of the field
            Update Password – click on Change to the right of the field
            Title – select the salutation you prefer in communications and for your CME certificate
            Full Name (which will appear on your CME certificate)
            ABA Number – If you would like the IARS to report your CME credit to the ABA, please provide your 8-digit ABA number here.
            Level – select your level of practice – are you a coordinator, practitioner or faculty?
            Receive emails – select your email preference
            Subspecialties – select up to 7 subspecialties of interest to you to further personalize your content on the home page. 

            Updated: 01 Mar 2019 05:06 AM
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